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Be the change you wish to see in the world

ACA as a sustainable organization

Sustainable entrepreneurship does not only stand for a sustainable profit. We want to integrate the 17 SDGs (UN's Sustainable Development Goals) as much as possible throughout our entire organization. These form the most important sustainability framework worldwide for the next 9 years.

Sustainability is not just a hype. We need to make changes as a person and as a company for our future and those of the next generations.

Dorien Jorissen, CDO at ACA Group
Dorien Jorissen - CDO
Wheel depicting the 17 sustainable development goals

Actions speak louder than words

By incorporating the SDGs in every branch of our organization, we do not only try to take care of the society, the economy and the environment, but also of our team’s talents and ambitions. 

We don’t just approach sustainability in a theoretical way, but also dive into the practice with projects such as:

  • Yearly “ACA Warmest Weekend": Team activities & donations for charity
  • Equality & Diversity Charter with yearly sensibilisation activities 
  • Achieving the Great Place to Work Vlerick label in 2021 
  • Participation at the VOKA (Sustainable Development) Charter 
  • Podular organization culture  
  • Green mobility & fleet sustainability (33% electrical in 2021 - 98% in 2025)
  • Active support of internal and external sports
Wheel depicting the 17 sustainable development goals
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