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How to get started in B2B e-commerce

E-commerce brings important advantages to you and your customers. But where do you begin? In this blog post, we give some concrete steps on how to get started in B2B e-commerce.

Peter Mesotten
Apache Kafka in a nutshell

Apache Kafka is a highly flexible streaming platform. It focuses on scalable, real-time data pipelines that are persistent and very performant. But how does it work, and what do you use it for?

Tim Van Laer
How to ‘inbox zero’ and be more productive

Inbox Zero is having zero emails in your inbox at all times. Learn how to do this and spend less time managing your email and more time doing what matters most!

Peter Hardeel
How to install Rancher RKE2 on CentOS Stream 8

In this technical blog post, we explain how to install Rancher RKE2 on CentOS 8 Stream. Click to read and follow the steps!

Bregt Coenen
4 tips for improving the performance of your React Native application

Have you ever felt like your React Native app was slow? This blog post lists 4 tips to improve the performance of your React Native app!

Ruben Coucke
What the heck is OAuth 2?

This blog post gives a high level overview of the OAuth 2 specification and explains the different aspects of OAuth 2 in a non-technical way.

Davy Steegen
Automated testing: make business & IT love each other

In this blog post, we disprove the misplaced belief that manual testing and evidence collection adds a lot of value!

Stef Noten
How we got certified as a Great Place to Work

In this blogpost, we’ll tell you how we achieved the Great Place to Work label and how we want to keep improving even further!

Shari Paret
How we organize remote work as an IT company

What are our practices and tools we use to tackle the challenges of remote work? In this blog post, we go over some tips and tricks!

Peter Jans
My life as a junior Java developer

In this blog post, junior Java developer Kiryl shares his experiences, some useful tips and some valuable advice!

Kiryl Maltsav
How to maintain a healthy work/life balance as a remote employee

It's increasingly popular to work from home. With these tips, you're sure to maintain a healthy work/life balance, even when working remotely!

Stijn Schutyser
Why we chose Python (too) – Python series pt. 1

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. Read our blog post to find out why and why we're embracing it!

Kristof Lauwagie
ACA Ship-IT Day 2021: from idea to innovation in one day!

Find out all the projects our teams worked on and the winning project of our ACA Ship-IT Day 2021 in this blog post!

Shari Paret
How to set up simple and flexible ETL based anonymization - part 3

In this 3rd part, we focus on how to set up a cloud native pipeline for simple and flexible ETL based anonymization with Pipelinewise ELT.

Jan Eerdekens
Our transition to a fully electric fleet by 2025

ACA Group is in a transition to have a fully electric fleet by 2025. Read all about how we started this project 10 years ago!

Shari Paret
JAMstack vs WordPress for building websites

This blog post explains what JAMstack is and what the advantages and disadvantages of a JAMstack website are compared to a Wordpress website.

Jonas Gerits