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The ACA methodology

How we make sure that our customers always get maximum value

The path to a successful project and product

Since 2001, ACA Group has been constantly refining its Agile based methodology for research and development. This methodology is characterized by developing the required functionality or research parts in small iterations, allowing the customer to regularly give feedback during the process. This way, customers get a product that truly fulfills their needs.

Image explaining the discovery and delivery phases in the ACA methodology

The heart of our methodology

  • Customer involvement

    Cocreation takes center stage within all our projects. Our customers are part of the project team, since we want to stimulate maximum involvement during the research and development processes.

  • Iterative delivery

    The end result is a solution that maximally concurs in the needs of the customer. That's why we always work with the progressive insights of the customer as well as the rest of the research team.

  • Transparency

    The entire team has insight in the project's performace, development, bugs, deliveries and more. This way, we make sure there's always a high degree of transparency and trust in the collaboration between everyone involved.

  • Flexibility & change management

    We know that our customers' needs and the market can and will change. Our team members are flexible enough to deal with changes and can scale and reprioritize in agreement with you based on progressive insight.

  • Consultation & follow-up

    Our methodology nests in a broader framework of continuous transparency, efficiency and optimization. From the very first day, the customer is an active stakeholder with whom we share knowledge on all levels in the project team.

  • Planning

    In an Agile process, the phases: analyse, develop, test and deliver, are not continuously separated, but are interwoven in a process. The great advantage of this project approach is that the customer can test this requirement two weeks after a requirement has been documented. This way, ambiguities and uncertainties about the requirements are detected very early and any errors can easily be corrected.

What our customers say

I noticed that ACA's approach is very dynamic, structured and comprehensible. By using small, extremely detailed user stories, we got a good overview of the structure of the project. It’s unbelievable how ACA has been able to structure a prototype with all these small pieces of functionality in a systematic manner.

Tine Vande Casteele , Project Manager at VEKA
Tine Vande Casteele  - Project Manager

ACA IT-Solutions’ clear methodology and open communication have made it a reliable partner for a couple of years now. We can definitely write the delivery of the museum pass project within time and budget, its successful launch and the focus on the customers to their credit. We innovate together and move in an agile way with mutual trust.

Bart Temmerman, General Director at publiq
Bart Temmerman - General Director

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Dorien Jorissen
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