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Your Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, for smarter, faster, and smoother teamwork.

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What sets us apart

We help your teams reach new heights

We don’t just make the difference as your local Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. We are here to support you through our methodology, expertise and belief that a well-oiled team is vital to success.

Methodology in our veins

Our DNA is based upon the agile manifesto and nurtured by our experience in project management, software development, lean practices, automation and DevOps. We are constantly innovating, so you always get the best of the best.  

Certified experts

All of our team members are certified Atlassian engineers, who have worked on numerous customer projects. You can count on experts with champion roles in a specific domain or tool as well.

We understand your business

We think, design and develop from your point of view. Helped by our experience and expertise, we research and understand your teams, processes and challenges to provide you with a solution that really works for you.

Transparent approach

After a project kick-off we will also use the same approach in our project, so you will get a clear view on what challenges are ahead and what the status is of the project or support.

At your pace

We cocreate. Your success is ours. We make sure we are on the same page, and we will challenge you to help you become best in class.

Our services

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Efficient and transparent teamwork

Connect, collaborate, cocreate.
Our key expertise lies in supporting teams, helping them perform better through deeper insights and the right focus. By understanding the challenges that your team faces, we can integrate the right tools that empower your team to be better in every way: clear communication, smooth procedures, simpler management, and more.

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A solution that fits you

Explore our broad expertise in all things Atlassian.

We have a very broad expertise: not only are we experts when it comes to the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, Service Manager, …), but also the huge Marketplace that Atlassian offers. Add-ons like Tempo, EazyBI, Structure and many more have little secrets for us. Combine that with our opinionated and innovative view on business processes, information modelling, DevOps, Agile and others, and you see why we are confident we can provide you with a custom solution fit just for you.

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Healthcheck for your environment and teams

Maximize your performance.
You might already be using some Atlassian tools. Great, and welcome to the club! But perhaps you’re not getting the most out of them yet. Through our HealthCheck, we’ll offer practical recommendations and best practices or a Q&A with our experts based upon our conclusions.

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Training for end-users and administrators

Become an expert yourself.
School is not over! In fact, classes have only just started. In our training, we’ll train a group of end-users based upon a generic training package or a custom tailor-made training for your specific environment. We also prepare your team for upcoming releases or the introduction of new add-ons. Finally, we help you train your own Atlassian administrators or teach you how to do the training yourself.

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License management

Take away worries about licenses.

Licences from Atlassian are in USD and require the proper follow-up and handling. We’ll take care of those worries, and more. Your license renewal dates will be aligned, you’ll be invoiced in euros with deductible taxes, notify you up front when license renewal dates are coming along and advise you in the proper steps to take.

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Support services

Backup is just around the corner.
Your Atlassian stack is up and running, which is great! You might occasionally need help from an expert though, or a hotline in case of incidents that need solving right then and there. Then we’re there to help! If you really want to focus completely on your core business, we can also go one step further and manage your Atlassian stack for you: a smoothly running, completely serviced, maintained, monitored, upgraded and hosted environment.

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