ACA Group as a company

Not just a company, not just a slogan

A Class Apart
Above Customer ExpectAtions
Awesome Coder Alliance
Agile Craftsmanship Applied

Our team’s purpose

Our goal is not only to just go above and beyond to achieve the highest possible quality, but to help people access the full potential of their future. We see our place in the world as one in which we inspire and accelerate sustainable growth worldwide by empowering people through innovation, technology and knowledge.

Our core values

Our core values keep our purpose alive in our daily communication and activities.

Good, better, best

We don’t just combine passion, craftsmanship and innovation into high-quality solutions for our customers. We go above and beyond for our customers, our team and our culture. What we do, we do well.

We 💙 happy faces

We’re nothing without happy customers and a happy team. Considering everyone’s point of view and maximizing the value that we bring to them is what gives us life, meaning and purpose.

Strong enough to bend without breaking

Life is like gymnastics: better when you’re flexible. We change, adapt, are open to new ideas, evolve and grow.

Together, like clockwork

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a meeting, at the Kanban board, or on one of our ACA weekends: teamwork makes (y)our dream work.

No bull****!

We dare to go left when everybody goes right, carve our own paths outside of the comfort zone, challenge ourselves and our customers and stand up for our beliefs and values.

Don’t be a @#!%?

We speak our minds, but we do it with thoughtfulness, care and respect for everyone involved.