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Low-Code is the future of Application Development

Adapt & innovate your systems at the speed of today’s business.

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By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

- Gartner

Benefits of low-code development

  • Development speed

    Low-code allows you to not only build more applications in the same time as with traditional applications, but also to develop 10 times faster (thanks to features such as: drag-and-drop functionality, one-click application delivery, easy-to-implement APIs,…)

    Time should no longer be your concern. Adapt your systems at the speed of today’s business.

  • High productivity

    Enable professional and nonprofessional developers to collaborate and rapidly build and deploy applications, without expanding your team.

  • Reusability

    Increase the quality, security and speed of project, by embracing the reusability capabilities. Component Issues can by isolated and resolved quickly for all projects in which these components are reused.

  • Quickly meet your customer's expectations

    Low-code can help to proactively meet the right expectations, by their ability to quickly develop prototypes and applications that enables effective integration of user feedback, early in the development process.

  • Innovation within reach

    Facilitate immediate change and connect to AI, IoT or other innovations, without the direct need of a domain expert or complex coding. Connect to IoT, Artificial Intelligence, … without needing to be a domain expert.

  • Reduce failures

    Reduce project failures by built-in automated testing capabilities, quality monitoring, and real-time performance management.

Quickly develop innovative applications with less lines of code with Vantiq platform

The Vantiq platform allows you to create event-driven low-code applications at the speed of light without sacrificing quality. It also enables you to use modern technologies such as IoT, AI, edge computing, AR and more that are already integrated into the platform.

Thanks to Vantiq’s high productivity platform, you can create innovative applications in less time and with less lines of code.

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