A Mobile Hackaton, what's the point?

In a bid to foster knowledge-sharing and innovation, ACA Group (formerly ACA IT-Solutions), a prominent software development company with a team of 197 experts across two locations, recently held a Mobile Hackathon. This event brought together employees from various departments, each with a unique perspective on the importance of this hackathon.

Ronny Ruyters, CEO of ACA, emphasized the significance of knowledge in their organization, stating, "For us, knowledge is of utmost importance. It's about the organization's continuity, the growth of our people, and the infusion of knowledge with our clients. Today, we're engaged in a Hackathon. When our team members come together at the end of the day and say, 'Look, we've learned a lot today. It was great to see everyone again, and we're exhausted,' that's a success for me."

Yakub Kalin, Mobile Solution Expert & Technical Lead, shed light on the collaborative nature of hackathons, explaining, "A Hackathon is usually a team sport, but today we're also setting up individual tracks. People who have chosen specific topics will work on them individually, and then we'll bring these topics together as a team to facilitate knowledge transfer. The main takeaway is how quickly we notice things during a hackathon. Now, we have full freedom, and this allows us to quickly realize the potential of these topics for our clients and the apps we create."

Joren Vos, a Mobile Developer, shared his enthusiasm for ACA, describing it as the perfect balance between work and relaxation. He said, "During my project, I'm expanding a React Native application so that it can also be used on Apple TV. At ACA, we are surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues, all driven to achieve the best results for our clients and ourselves, enabling us to grow."

Ruben Coucke, another Mobile Developer, revealed his work on merging two different frameworks, Unity and React Native, into a single tool. He aims to create a unified app instead of maintaining two separate ones.

ACA Groups's Mobile Hackathon not only serves as a platform for innovation but also as a testament to the company's commitment to continuous learning and fostering a collaborative spirit among its team members. This event underscores the importance of creativity, knowledge sharing, and teamwork in driving ACA's success in the software development industry.

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