Free Webinar On-Demand: Why B2B e-commerce matters and how to get started

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Why b2b e-commerce matters and how to get started webinar

About the event

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Many B2B companies are still not exploiting the full potential of a digital sales channel. Why should you do e-commerce and what are the benefits? During our webinar, we'll discuss the latest trends, facts and figures and you gain insights into the potential benefits of a B2B e-commerce channel.

You will also learn how to get started with your e-commerce journey and how to successfully launch an e-commerce channel. Download our webinar now on demand, it's free! 


Joeri Moors – Business Unit Manager – ACA Group
Joeri is Business Unit Manager of the team that focuses on e-commerce and content- en information management at ACA.

Peter Mesotten – Solution Architect/Technical Lead – ACA Group

Peter has over 12 years of experience with Digital Experience Platforms in general and is specialized in Liferay.