Inspection app LEA for VAB Fleet Services

LEA (Lexor Extension App) is the first in a set of mobile apps integrating with the new Sales Platform of VAB Fleet Services. Inspectors of VAB Fleet Services use the LEA extension app during the execution of car intakes on behalf of external car dealers. The app provides a step-by-step interface to the entire sales transaction process. It also has online interfaces to the car dealers’ systems to shorten the required time.

Project challenges

Improving and shortening the time consuming sales transaction process with an easy to use and efficient mobile app.

The solution

A native Android app gives the possibility to interact with hardware of the device, such as the camera, for seamless photoshoot integration. With a user-friendly wizard-like interface, the sales transaction process shortens in time.

Technology stack

Google Analytics
Hypermedia API
New Relic

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