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DXP Developer (internship)

Our team builds solutions for websites, intranets, portals and B2B e-commerce. They are currently working on a challenging project, and could use the help of a motivated intern. 

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Your role at A.C.A.

You will learn a lot during your internship as a Software Developer at ACA! 

The assignment is part of an existing project for our client. Our business unit “COIN” stands for “Content & Information solutions” and builds solutions for websites, intranets, portals and B2B e-commerce.

In the project of this internship assignment we build a web application that uses the following technologies: Liferay DXP, Java, Angular, Spring, OSGi.

The application unlocks data arising from various external sources. An intermediate layer interprets this data so that it becomes meaningful. The intermediate layer is partly accessed via Spring Boot microservices and partly via RESTful OSGi components.

Portal Software Liferay DXP then takes care of the aggregation of this interpreted information in the form of a personal dashboard. The widgets in this dashboard are built in Angular and retrieve data from the intermediate layer via a secure connection.

In our projects, we use the Agile methodology with aspects from Scrum and Kanban. Sprints last for 3 weeks, that means that after every 3 weeks the product that is developed up to that point is shown to the customer.

We organize a daily stand-up in which all team members share what they worked on yesterday, that they will be working on today and what problems they expect to encounter today.

You will be part of an experienced and driven team of software engineers! 

Research theme

One of the key products our team uses is the Liferay DXP digital experience platform. Liferay can be used for several solutions at the same time, for example for customers who want to have a new website and intranet built on the same platform.

Although Liferay DXP is suitable for building websites, it also comes with a high price. For simple websites, Liferay DXP prices itself out of the market compared to cheaper CMS platforms such as Drupal or Wordpress.

That is why we went looking for an alternative to Liferay DXP, and found it in JAMstack: a combination of smart techniques and modern technologies. JAM stands for Javascript, APIs and Markup. Various technologies are possible within this stack, but we have opted for Gatsby as the engine and DatoCMS as the headless CMS.

The JAMstack world changes often and new platforms are added every month. It is important to regularly reflect on the different platforms that exist and to compare them to each other.

The research consists of comparing a number of engines (Gatsby, NextJS, …) and headless CMSs (DatoCMS, Contentful, …).

After the criteria to compare the platforms have been determined, a small POC is set up with each of the platforms to make them easier to compare.

After the assignment, a report is also written and presented within the team.

Do you have what it takes?

Hard skills

  • You have a strong interest in development. Duh! :-) 
  • You are preferably a bachelor or master student Computer Science.
  • Communication skills are crucial. Our teams communicate and share their knowledge in Dutch and English. 
  • You have a strong analytical mindset and a passion to find the solution for that one specific problem. 

Soft skills

  • You are passionate about everything that has to do with IT & software, but that's a sure thing!
  • You are a teamplayer, who likes to work independently as well. 
  • You have a proactive mindset and know how to get things done.
  • You are eager to learn.

Our application process

From candidate to colleague: this framework will give you a general idea of the different steps in our interview process.

Fill in the application form
We will take a look at your CV, and the responsible recruiter will contact you ASAP. To get to know each other and your skills better, we’ll give you a call.
Interview time
If the phone call went well for both of us, we’ll invite you to an interview with a technical colleague to dive deeper into your resume.
We’ll make you an offer
If the interview went well, we’ll make you an offer!
Welcome to the team
Yay! You’re officially part of the A.C.A. team now. We’re looking forward to working together!

What's working at A.C.A. like?

Innovative work environment
You will work with the newest tech & tools, in an innovative environment.
Customized salary package
An attractive salary, a company car*, meal vouchers, expense allowance, MacBook Pro, and more.
* A.C.A. wants to contribute as much as possible to a sustainable environment. The expansion of an exclusively electric vehicle fleet is an important factor. We want 98% of our vehicle fleet to be electric by 2025! ⚡
Learn & grow
At A.C.A., everyone has an evolution coach and an on-the-job coach. You’ll have a personal evolution plan with technical & professional training budget and plenty of career & learning opportunities.
We’ve got your back
We provide an elaborated health and insurance plan to cover your needs. It’s our priority to keep our employees as happy as possible. We do this by providing a good work-life balance, providing the right tools, and so on.
Our unique company culture
You’ll be part of a passionate and hardworking team that is proud of their realizations. A.C.A. is a place with teamwork, openness, knowledge sharing and peer recognition as key values.
Employee centricity
We are a team-driven company that knows how to contribute and make fun in a professional environment. Because a great and motivated team is only possible if you can also relax together. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities both inside and outside the office and organize an awesome A.C.A.-weekend every year!

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