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Cloud & DevOps Engineer

Are you an experienced Cloud & DevOps Engineer? Do you want to work on a challenging project in which you build and maintain a platform as a team, making it possible to develop Cloud-Native applications on it and run it in production? Curious about more? Then be sure to read on! ;-)

As a Cloud & DevOps Engineer you and your team are responsible for setting up a MicroService landscape on Kubernetes using ServiceMesh and Kafka Services. In addition, you are responsible for setting up a Cloud Native Platform to support developed applications by using internal standards.

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Your role at ACA

Your role:

  • You are responsible for the design and management of SUSE Rancher, Graphite and Prometheus in combination with Grafana.
  • You will also be responsible for the design and management of RabbitMQ CRD.
  • In your role you come into contact with Elastic Stack daily with Searchguard, Cerebro, Beats.
  • You additionally support the Software Engineers for deploying applications and setting up CICD pipelines.
  • You help the Software Engineers troubleshoot problems and provide insight into metrics and logging.

As a Cloud Engineer at ACA:

  • Developing on AWS in Terraform, Service-Mesh (Istio), CRG and Kubernetes has no secrets for you. You can substantiate this with the necessary certificates.
  • You are actively involved in the design and maintenance of CI and CD tools (using Git, Jenkins and Shell Scripting) and you master DevOps.
  • You get energy by working in a team and you can tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.
  • You already have experience within the Cloud-Native world and do you want to make maximum use of Cloud-Native components.
  • You support the running Atlassian environment and help with upgrades and maintenance.
  • You already have experience with TDD techniques, XP, Pair programming and BDD in an Agile working environment.

Do you have what it takes?

Hard skills

  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a Cloud Engineer on AWS, Rancher or similar.
  • You have experience with tools and scripting such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Git, ArgoCD, Flux, Terraform and Ansible is a plus.
  • You have hands-on experience in setting up and deploying Containers on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • You have experience with a Service Mesh (Istio) and Operator model are a plus.
  • You have experience with monitoring tools such as New Relic, Datadog, OpsGenie, Grafana, EFK, Prometheus.
  • You have a strong analytical mind and concepts such as Micro Services, Cloud-Native and Platform thinking are well known to you.
  • Preferably you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science.

Soft skills

  • Communication skills are indispensable: you can express yourself well in both Dutch and English.
  • Innovation and change don't scare you. By always using the latest tools and technologies, you can develop highly scalable and reliable applications.
  • You know how to tackle and can work in a team with a deadline in mind.
  • You have an analytical mind and a critical eye with a nose for quality.
  • You like a no-nonsense culture, with plenty of room for personal growth and initiatives.
  • You are someone who likes to be in contact with the customer and you can easily move in their environment.

Our application process

From candidate to colleague: this framework will give you a general idea of the different steps in our interview process.

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We will take a look at your CV, and the responsible recruiter will contact you ASAP. To get to know each other and your skills better, we’ll give you a call.
Interview time
If the phone call went well for both of us, we’ll invite you to an interview with a technical colleague to dive deeper into your resume.
We’ll make you an offer
If the interview went well, we’ll make you an offer!
Welcome to the team
Yay! You’re officially part of the ACA team now. We’re looking forward to working together!

What's working at ACA like?

    Innovative work environment
    You will work with the newest tech & tools, in an innovative environment with flexible hours and working-from-home arrangement.
    Customized salary package
    An attractive salary, a company car*, meal vouchers, expense allowance, MacBook Pro and more.
    * ACA wants to contribute as much as possible to a sustainable environment. The expansion of an exclusively electric vehicle fleet is an important factor. We want 98% of our vehicle fleet to be electric by 2025!
    Learn & grow
    On-the-job coaching and mentoring gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and personally at ACA. You have a personal evolution plan with a budget for technical and professional training and many opportunities to learn. Knowledge sharing is central in everything we do, that is why we founded the Internal ACAdemy: our internal & external center for knowledge sharing.
  • We’ve got your back
    We provide an elaborated health and insurance plan to cover your needs. It’s our priority to keep our employees as happy as possible. We do this by providing a good work-life balance, providing the right tools, and so on.
  • Our unique company culture
    You’ll be part of a passionate and hardworking team that is proud of their realizations. ACA is a place with teamwork, openness, knowledge sharing and peer recognition as key values.
  • Employee centricity
    We are a team-driven company that knows how to contribute and make fun in a professional environment. Because a great and motivated team is only possible if you can also relax together. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities both inside and outside the office and organize an awesome ACA-weekend every year!

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